Coffee Filter Lamp Shade

You might remember on my last post, I wanted to try to do up a lamp shade with coffee filters for my daughter Brianna’s room. I really liked the idea from the same blog where I got the tutorial for the Valentine wreath. You can see the tutorial here. I have had this lamp for awhile and it has been moving around the house. The latest home was on our desk and I knew it would be perfect for this project.

For supplies, you need a lot of glue sticks, coffee filters, and patience. Here is the beginning of covering the lamp shade:


Not too exciting, eh? I then spray painted the lamp base a nice Spa Blue as Bri likes a room with many colors. Here’s the lamp base before with my Ellie in the background…      


AND the finished product:     


 As soon as I repaint the desk ( as I was told it was the wrong green), I will tell you about its transformation!

What do you think?


Valentine Wreath

I have been wanting to do a coffe filter wreath for awhile now. While I was thinking of what valentine decor I wanted to do this year, I decided, since our front door is red, to make a white coffee filter wreath. While browsing around the craft store, I saw the little 6″ styrofoam circles and had a crazy idea: what if instead of making one large wreath I made the symbol for hugs and kisses, the OXO? Since there are no styrofoam letters I bought a block of styrofoam for the X ,2 circles, and ribbon.

I enlarged the letter pinned it to the block, traced, and cut it out.


And then I hot glued the filters on the styrofoam. I found the tutorial here.

Please excuse the awful pictures. I used my phone since we have no working cameras at the moment…

I hot glued the ribbon in the back to attach them and we are done!


I am on working on the lampshade for Brianna’s room at the moment so I will post pix soon. What do ya think?

Upholstering the Bar Stools

So we’ve had these plain bar stools for awhile now and I had been inspired by others on how chairs have been transformed from yuck to wow with simply changing or adding a fabric seat. So, of course, that got the old head spinning and I headed off to Jo-ann’s to find some super cheap fabric and batting.

I found fabric that was $2.00 a yard and instead of batting, I used this “Buffalo Snow” that was on clearance for 70% off! It was pretty close to batting I thought. Keep in mind, I have never attempted to do any upholstering EVER so I was really hoping it would work….

Anyways, I borrowed a staple gun from my neighbor Dave and followed a tutorial on this site. Thanks to my family, we got them done pretty fast. It really is not hard at all!

Here they are before:


And after……



Soap Dispenser and Knife Block

SO I found the tutorial on this fab idea on the blog House of Hepworth. Coincidentally, I had the same dispenser and I jumped on the chance to do one. It is really easy and makes quite an impression (in my humble opinion).

SO this is the before pic:


AND here is the after:


I used Black spray paint specifically for plastic, and then used the ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray to give it that bronze look.I bought the monogram letter at a little store in Spanish Fork called Signs and Wonders. Those of you lucky enough to own a vinyl machine can just print your own.

I decided to do the knife block as well as Allison did and I like how it turned out:





Yesterday my daughter Stephanie and my niece Cristina went with me to a few of the local second-hand stores in Provo. We were in search of a chair for Brianna’s new DIY desk (post to follow). No luck on the chair but came across this little beauty.

Well the possibilities were endless but I decided to go with the black spray paint and my new favorite oil rubbed bronze (ORB) spray paint. I have a few more projects with ORB coming up! Anyways, this is my after

I couldn’t decide what to put inside as there are so many possibilities. Deciding to put it in the middle of my kitchen island, I went with the bird I got at the Dollar Store and was hanging on my x-mas tree. Since my kitchen colors are red, white, and black I think it went perfectly.

You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone so I added a few more props to put it all together.

Total cost: $5.00 for the cage everything else I already had! What do you think?