Valentine Wreath

I have been wanting to do a coffe filter wreath for awhile now. While I was thinking of what valentine decor I wanted to do this year, I decided, since our front door is red, to make a white coffee filter wreath. While browsing around the craft store, I saw the little 6″ styrofoam circles and had a crazy idea: what if instead of making one large wreath I made the symbol for hugs and kisses, the OXO? Since there are no styrofoam letters I bought a block of styrofoam for the X ,2 circles, and ribbon.

I enlarged the letter pinned it to the block, traced, and cut it out.


And then I hot glued the filters on the styrofoam. I found the tutorial here.

Please excuse the awful pictures. I used my phone since we have no working cameras at the moment…

I hot glued the ribbon in the back to attach them and we are done!


I am on working on the lampshade for Brianna’s room at the moment so I will post pix soon. What do ya think?


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