Desk Chair Transformation

I finally found a chair to use for Brianna’s desk! I was so excited to come across a chair in very good shape and not so much money. Brianna loves color-the brighter the better- so I had an idea on what color I would use.

This is the chair before:                                                      And after:

I am very pleased with the results and more importantly, Brianna loved it! I spraypainted the chair in the Spa Blue that I used on her lamp and found this safari type fabric at wal-mart that I re-upholstered to the seat.

I believe I finally found the “right” green to paint her desk so once the weather warms up, I will paint it and then show the finished look.


No Sew Curtains

I did a teeny updo to my kitchen by changing the curtains in there. I had been wanting to try to do no sew curtains but didn’t have the courage until last week. I have a sewing machine but am still learning how to use it. Here are the supplies needed- plus a measuring tape or ruler. I bought the fabric and the tape at Wal-mart.

I bought 5 yards of fabric and had them cut  into two panels of 2.5 yards each. I measured where I wanted the seams and ironed the side. It is not very visible but this side was 4′.

And then I added the hemming tape and ironed it as per directions.

I hope this makes sense! It was so easy and I love the ability to change a few things around in a room and transform the look and feel of the room.

To bring it together, I also made the valance for the window above the sink and re-upholstered the bar stools again with the same material..


I love how it all came together! I am thinking on painting the bar stools white. What do you think?