Madison and Ellie’s Room Reveal

So excited how the room turned out! When we first moved in, Brianna and Madison shared the room. It was painted in bright pink and orange walls and matching bedding. Now that Bri has her own room, trading with Ellie, the little one is now sharing with Madison. They used to have their own bedroom sets but I decided to sell them because I really wanted to open up the room. It looks fabulous!
Enough chatter, the reveal:


I bought the cute picket fence bunkbeds on KSL (classifieds) for $100! What a deal!


I made them matching bedding. Pretty much I made it up after reading through blogs about making a duvet cover. I went with using two flat sheets and added the fabric block to tie in the curtains.


Isn’t it the cutest fabric? It is a flannel that was on sale at JoAnn’s for $2.99/yard!
This is their reading area. Madison’s dream is to be a teacher so I made her room into a little classroom. This is her white erase board I painted on one wall.



This is her teacher’s desk. I painted it white as it was a standard fake oak laminate ugly. I will show you the transformation in another post.



The dresser was given to us for free by a good friend! I added little details to tie in the blue and brown theme we were shooting for.


My Madison is a worrier so I had to add this sign to the foot of her bed to try to relax her at night.


Until next time!


Susie’s Bedroom + Ottoman Re-do

We painted, my now 17 year old, Susie’s bedroom last summer in this dark chalkboard green that she loved. We decided that would be the main color with the black and white as accents.

Her room was originally the loft space and we decided to make it into a bedroom.

The art above her bed is canvas I painted a black border around it and the damask is vinyl. Her desk I bought at a yard sale for $15.00 and we painted it white and added new silver hardware. Alex added the laminate floor in her room because we attempted to allow her to have a puppy and we never figured out the right way to potty train him. Well, he loved his Susie, therefore he also left his mark everywhere in her room. It stunk. Hers is the only room with the flooring and we hope to add to the other rooms soon.

I added a fabric strip on the bottom of her curtains to jazz them up a bit. Once again, no sew tape!




I was so excited when I ran into this ottoman/storage bench at DI last December! The best part, it was only $4.00!! What was wrong, you ask? The top was broken as in someone jumped on it and broke it. Other than that, it was great! Finally convinced my husband to help me make a new top for it and now it’s done!

About the missing button, I found it after :~)

Upholstered Bar Stools Updated-Again!And Sprucing Up My Bathroom

Since I changed the fabric on the chairs, I have been tempted to paint them white. I just felt that they would look better. So I finally got around to do them this weekend! I am thrilled with how they turned out!



And after:

Better, right? I am loving them and surprisingly, so is my whole family.       

Okay kiddos-one more and I will leave you alone for a bit!

Remember my no-sew curtains? I really wanted new curtains for our bathroom so I made some using the same hemming tape. I also made some longer ones for Brianna’s bedroom and I will show you those as soon as I can get her room re-do post up. But for now, here is the bathroom curtain:

I bought this sunburst mirro at Family Dollar for $10! What a deal! I didn’t like the mirror so I covered it in the same fabric as the curtains.

Chandelier turned cake stand

Today I want to share with you a project I worked on awhile ago but have forgotten to post… You know me…. Anywho this is an ugly brass chandelier I found at DI(Deseret Industries) for $5.00.

Before I forget, I saw the tutorial on another blog and you can view it here.

I took it apart, pulled out the electrical, added a white primer, and then white spray paint. I found the round wooden circles at Hobby Lobby and the plate at the Dollar Tree. I added the black trim because it is for my daughter’s birthday party in May. I painted it white so I can change out the trim and use it for all occasions. Use your imagination and add a cake on the top tier and cupcakes all around! I will post pix in all its glory after the event.

“Aerial” view

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!

AS many of you may have noticed, decorative pillows are as beautiful as they are expensive. My hubby bought me a sewing machine last November and I had been too scared and intimidated to even touch it until I had some instruction. Thanks to Stephanie Stika for taking the time to show me how to make new covers for pillows. She created a monster…

I began with the family room:

Should of gone more gold than yellow but still like them

Remember the bench I redid awhile ago? I added pillows to it and moved it into Susie’s bedroom:

Still working on the finishing touches in Brianna’s room! I hope to post pics soon!