Susie’s Bedroom + Ottoman Re-do

We painted, my now 17 year old, Susie’s bedroom last summer in this dark chalkboard green that she loved. We decided that would be the main color with the black and white as accents.

Her room was originally the loft space and we decided to make it into a bedroom.

The art above her bed is canvas I painted a black border around it and the damask is vinyl. Her desk I bought at a yard sale for $15.00 and we painted it white and added new silver hardware. Alex added the laminate floor in her room because we attempted to allow her to have a puppy and we never figured out the right way to potty train him. Well, he loved his Susie, therefore he also left his mark everywhere in her room. It stunk. Hers is the only room with the flooring and we hope to add to the other rooms soon.

I added a fabric strip on the bottom of her curtains to jazz them up a bit. Once again, no sew tape!




I was so excited when I ran into this ottoman/storage bench at DI last December! The best part, it was only $4.00!! What was wrong, you ask? The top was broken as in someone jumped on it and broke it. Other than that, it was great! Finally convinced my husband to help me make a new top for it and now it’s done!

About the missing button, I found it after :~)


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