Madison and Ellie’s Room Reveal

So excited how the room turned out! When we first moved in, Brianna and Madison shared the room. It was painted in bright pink and orange walls and matching bedding. Now that Bri has her own room, trading with Ellie, the little one is now sharing with Madison. They used to have their own bedroom sets but I decided to sell them because I really wanted to open up the room. It looks fabulous!
Enough chatter, the reveal:


I bought the cute picket fence bunkbeds on KSL (classifieds) for $100! What a deal!


I made them matching bedding. Pretty much I made it up after reading through blogs about making a duvet cover. I went with using two flat sheets and added the fabric block to tie in the curtains.


Isn’t it the cutest fabric? It is a flannel that was on sale at JoAnn’s for $2.99/yard!
This is their reading area. Madison’s dream is to be a teacher so I made her room into a little classroom. This is her white erase board I painted on one wall.



This is her teacher’s desk. I painted it white as it was a standard fake oak laminate ugly. I will show you the transformation in another post.



The dresser was given to us for free by a good friend! I added little details to tie in the blue and brown theme we were shooting for.


My Madison is a worrier so I had to add this sign to the foot of her bed to try to relax her at night.


Until next time!


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