Happy 20th Anniversary

I just wanted to take a minute to wish my wonderful husband, Alex, for the past amazing 20 years as husband and wife. It hasn’t always been sugar and sweet but we have learned how to ride the wave of setbacks together, as a family. I am grateful for our five beautiful daughters and the great father he has always been to them.

Thank you for being my best friend and accepting me with all my shortcomings and faults.

June 27, 1992-Eternity



Sorry for the computer glitch and only getting the first half published! Here it is again in its complete state.
Happy be-lated father’s day to all the great daddies out there! I am lucky to still have my wonderful dad alive and healthy. My husband, Alex, is a great example to me everyday on love and patience. The love part I got down, it’s the patience I still struggle with… especially with my three oldest daughters being in the “zone” that is called teenagedom ( I don’t know if this is even a correct word).
Anyway, we had my brother and his brother come over for a barbeque. Yummy!
I wanted the girls to make their dad a fun gift and I saw this idea on Poppy Seed Projects  and fell in love!
                                      It is his own personalized candy bar!
I got the labels on the blog and then glued our pics on the bottles. You can customize to the person’s individual taste. These are the treats we included:
Spicey-Cinnamon gum
Sour-Sour gummy worms
Nutty-Peanut m&m’s
Salty-Sunflower seeds
Bottles-Crush orange soda
He loved it and has been munching all week now! We also decided to bake a cake and decorate it. What we soon discovered is that we are talented in many areas but, unfortunately, cake decorating isn’t one of them! But we had fun!
BTW-a great big thanks to my sweet neighbor Becca for helping us out by making the tie!
                                                          What do ya think?

$3.00 Wreath/Spring Porch

Since I knew we were going to have a house full of visitors, I wanted to spruce up the front porch and the yard with spring colors after the drab winter. I decided to make a coffee filter wreath for the front door.

I came across the idea of using a pool noodle to use as a wreath form. How smart and cheap is this? It has slipped my mind on which blog it was on so if you know please let me know so we can give proper credit to the genius. I got a pool noodle at my local dollar store and 2 packages of coffee filters.

I promise I took pictures of the next two steps on my IPad and now I can’t get them to download.. Just bare with me…

First, join the two ends of the noodle together to form a circle and tape them together with duct tape. Then wrap fabric around the form to hide the foam.

 I decided to try dyeing the filters as I did not want a white wreath outside knowing it would eventually get dirty anyway. I tried the tea thing and it worked. I was just too impatient to let them get really dark brown so they ended up an off-white. Then simply hot glue and adhere the coffee filters just like I did here for the lamp.

How did I figure $3 you ask? I bought the noodle and 2 packages of coffee filters for $1 each. I had leftover fabric and ribbon so I was good there.

Here is the finished product…

I added the turquoise ribbon to add some color and tied some more ribbon on the flower planters to tie them together.

What do ya think?

Crazy but Fun Month of May

Hello again my friends! I have not been able to be on my blog for awhile due to the fun and super busy month of May. I want to share my pride and joy-my eldest daughter, Stephanie, graduated from high school!

Isn’t she beautiful? My parents were able to be here as well as my husband’s mom so that was super special! We had family fly in from California, Mexico,  and Texas. This was on a Thursday and then on Saturday: Brianna’s Sweet 15 or Quinceañera!

                                           Bri and her usher Alex Valenzuela

Entry table where guests signed the book. I painted branches white and arranged them in a vase where I hung up some pictures, blue balls, (that I have in Madison’s room) and some crystals. Cost $2.99 for the paint- as I already had everything else on hand!


The reception tables followed the same idea with the branches draped with crystals as the centerpieces.


    My great friend Carol and her husband set up a photo booth where guests could take fun pictures with props!

For party favors, we had a candy bar for guests to take sweet treats home. Brianna is not big into cake so we had a desset bar instead.

                                                                 Sweet Ellie!

                                                         Our beautiful family

                                                         Proud parents


Thank you to everyone that made it possible!