Sorry for the computer glitch and only getting the first half published! Here it is again in its complete state.
Happy be-lated father’s day to all the great daddies out there! I am lucky to still have my wonderful dad alive and healthy. My husband, Alex, is a great example to me everyday on love and patience. The love part I got down, it’s the patience I still struggle with… especially with my three oldest daughters being in the “zone” that is called teenagedom ( I don’t know if this is even a correct word).
Anyway, we had my brother and his brother come over for a barbeque. Yummy!
I wanted the girls to make their dad a fun gift and I saw this idea on Poppy Seed Projects  and fell in love!
                                      It is his own personalized candy bar!
I got the labels on the blog and then glued our pics on the bottles. You can customize to the person’s individual taste. These are the treats we included:
Spicey-Cinnamon gum
Sour-Sour gummy worms
Nutty-Peanut m&m’s
Salty-Sunflower seeds
Bottles-Crush orange soda
He loved it and has been munching all week now! We also decided to bake a cake and decorate it. What we soon discovered is that we are talented in many areas but, unfortunately, cake decorating isn’t one of them! But we had fun!
BTW-a great big thanks to my sweet neighbor Becca for helping us out by making the tie!
                                                          What do ya think?

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