My hubby and I have been wanting to build a large pergola that would cover the whole backyard patio for the pat 7 years. Unfortunately, it is quite a bit of mula. We have resorted to looking for a nice, durable gazebo that was less than $300. Several years later, we found one for $100!!!

We love to sit outside on those cool summer nights so it has been fun to finally enjoy the backyard during the day.

I know, I know it needs a rug. I’m having a hard time convincing my husband. One day…..

The sofa cushion I made with fabric glue because my sewing machine was giving me a hard time. The glue is really great to use. The cushion corners were hard to do and now that I like the cushions I just bought for the chairs more (pictured above), I may just buy the sofa cushion as well.

Love the corner shelves! I just brought items from inside to the outside.


One day I hope to have a chandelier in here, but until then, the kissing ball I made for Susie’s 15th birthday party will have to do.

Party at my house! Any takers?


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