Gallery Wall part 2

I looked for a picture of the first gallery wall I had up in the family room before I re-did it. No luck but trust it was really long because the wall is long. I decided to hang some of the frames in the formal living room above the piano.

Here are close-ups of the items on top of the piano:

Our “butt” picture as Ellie lovingly calls it…

A fun cloche and tiny vase I found at Rod Works. I also bought the table runner there.

A view from the other side….

Now off to plant the mums! Have a great week!



Gallery Wall

I have been in a creative rut the last couple of months… I just needed a break to refuel the senses. I had been eyeing these large frames of my girls that I have had up since we moved into our house 7 years ago.

Excuse the horrible pic, but you get the idea. My girls were getting annoyed with them and wanted to take them down. After much thought, an idea popped into the ol’ brain..

Once again, I need a new camera. I decided to re-use the frames by using left over fabric from my pillow covers and use the frames in the family room instead to complement the pillows.

I re-designed my super busy gallery wall into something smaller.

The vinyl I bought at the local mall with the Dr. Seuss’ famous quote- “Oh the Places you’ll go!” This was the only item I spent money on actually for this project. Everything else I “shopped” at home.

It is not easy at all to make out but I made flowers out of toilet paper rolls for a 3-D effect on the large frames. Super easy!

I cut the rolls into 5 semi-equal pieces and hot-glued them into a flower  shape.

I then spray painted them a dark grey. Easier said than done. To get into the nooks and crannies I would have preferred to paint them instead. Here is the after-math on my fingers…

With the frames, I used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric onto the cardboard.

I then played around with the flowers until I was happy with their position and hot glued them to the fabric.

Another shot- I owe you the pictures of the other two frames. They are on the opposite wall of the family room. I need to re-take better pictures and I will post them as soon as I can. Now what to do with the large empty wall???



Summer 2012

Where to begin… I know it has been a long while since I have blogged and I apologize. Would you believe me if I said summer got in the way? It has been so incredibly hot this year that you can only leave your house in the mornings or late afternoon. Needless to say, sleep late and wake up late. I don’t know how smooth the transition to “normal” hours will go. School is around the corner…:~)

Anywho, we went to California in July for a Juarez reunion. What a blast!

Other than that, we have kept a pretty low profile. My pre-teens to teens to pre-schooler age have been way relaxed this summer. Thank goodness!


I have been so excited this summer because our hydrangeas bloomed!! They don’t bloom every year so it is always a sweet surprise when they do.

                                                Aren’t they pretty?

I love pansies and petunias because they are a hardy bunch and they grow like crazy! Here are some pix of my front yard:


And really bad closeups of my window boxes…


    What are your favorite flowers to decorate your outside with?