Staircase Reveal

I suffer from anxiety. There. I said it. In my extended family we refer to it as “nervios” (nerves). When my stress level gets elevated, I am prone to panic attacks and/or depression. What does this have to do with the staircase, you ask? Well, I am under a lot of stress and I need to keep busy. Hence the two week process to do re-stain the staircase. Soon into the process, I realized I was way over my head, but relaxing nonetheless. Weird, huh?

Here are a few before pics:

Notice the ugly oak stain. I fell in love with the dark stain and white posts I had seen on other blogs.

Here is my version:

The stairs have yet to be converted and are still halfway done. The husband is re-thinking the wood stairs and just adding carpet again…..

Here is a full shot:

It was a huge undertaking but I love the end results!

Now here is what I learned:

*There is a reason why sanding before hand is suggested. It took me many, many coats of stain and paint to cover up the oak.

*The cost-$5.00 for a set of 24 foam brushes. I aready had the stain from the stairs and the white paint.

*Very time consuming.

*Need to learn another way to decrease my stress level (per my husband, as this increased his).

Here is another angle from upstairs. Notice the supplies are still on the floor..

Here is a full shot again:

What do ya think? Thanks for stopping by!



Hello friends! Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately but I am in the process of a few projects. One has taken me two weeks and I have yet to be done.. No joke! The other ones need a few more tweeks but I hope to post this week at least one.

I can’t believe it’s already fall! Time to start decorating for Halloween next week!

I wanted to let you know also that I am linking up to a couple of parties today that are super fun. Hope you join us!

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Show Us Your House

Ellie’s Playroom

This is what Ellie’s playroom looks like ALL the time.

SIGH…. This small room is right off the kitchen and it was originally the home office. We decided to move the office into the formal dining room. It serves a dual purpose as a guest room when my mother-in-law is in town, hence the bed.

I decided it needed a little “prettying up” of sorts. The first thing gone were the curtains. I did my thing with no-sew curtains and got the fabric at Hobby Lobby for 30% off.

Don’t you just love the colors and pattern?

The bed got alittle makeover with a bedspread I already had and pillow cases I scored at a yard sale!

Speaking of yard sale, I got the clock, the mirror, and the magnet board at the same sale. The best part? I got it all for $20!

I added a little chalkboard underneath it and a supply center with crayons, colored pencils, and all I need to buy are chalk. I got this at another yard sale for $0.25!

Speaking of art, this far wall is dedicated to hanging her artwork:

Here are the ONLY shots you will see the room picked up! It was nearly impossible to take the pics!

I added the mirror and decor on the cube as an afterthought…

Anyone tackle a playroom lately? Thanks for stopping by!

Fall Entry Table

I have my Fall decor up and I vow to not put anything Halloween inspired decoration up until October 1st.. We shall see how long I can hold out.

As you can see, very simple.

This sweet looking owl I got at a pharmacy in my Dr.’s building for 50% off! I have his partner, the yellow owl, in my bathroom. Love them!

I downloaded the Fall subway sign from a wonderful blog called Howdy Honey.You can download it here.  I printed it out, threw it in an existing frame, and BAM! How cute! And free!!

Now a recap:

Fall is absolutely my favorite season! The trees on the mountains are turning a fiery, yellow and red. I need to buy my cinammon-apple-spicy-pumpkin wax so my house can smell like Fall.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kitchen Rug

My kitchen rug was on its last haul. I wanted something different yet stuck with the color scheme in the kitchen (red, white, and black).

                                     I bought the kitchen rug at Target in black.

                            I  used my rug  on my front porch as a stencil.

                  I put it on top of the kitchen rug, white spraypaint, and…

                I had to take a picture of my dishwasher with my fun saying….

                                             Anybody else feel the same?

Thanks for stopping by! I am working on the playroom and can’t wait to show you!


How I Have Spent Labor Day weekend the last 9 years

The last 9 years I have been involved in the organization of a three-day event called Festival Latinoamericano. And just as the name implies, it is a celebration of our Latin American culture. I am passionate about my Mexican culture and absolutely LOVE all that is art, tradition, and history. Not just from Mexico but all over Latin America.

The Festival has been going strong for the last 11 years and I feel blessed to be a part of this group of amazing people that make up the committee. For those of you who have supported this event, thank you. For those of you who have not been able to join us, where do I begin?

Honestly, so much more to enjoy! If you happen to be in Utah Labor Day weekend 2013 please stop by Provo!

So tired off to a nap……