Staircase Reveal

I suffer from anxiety. There. I said it. In my extended family we refer to it as “nervios” (nerves). When my stress level gets elevated, I am prone to panic attacks and/or depression. What does this have to do with the staircase, you ask? Well, I am under a lot of stress and I need to keep busy. Hence the two week process to do re-stain the staircase. Soon into the process, I realized I was way over my head, but relaxing nonetheless. Weird, huh?

Here are a few before pics:

Notice the ugly oak stain. I fell in love with the dark stain and white posts I had seen on other blogs.

Here is my version:

The stairs have yet to be converted and are still halfway done. The husband is re-thinking the wood stairs and just adding carpet again…..

Here is a full shot:

It was a huge undertaking but I love the end results!

Now here is what I learned:

*There is a reason why sanding before hand is suggested. It took me many, many coats of stain and paint to cover up the oak.

*The cost-$5.00 for a set of 24 foam brushes. I aready had the stain from the stairs and the white paint.

*Very time consuming.

*Need to learn another way to decrease my stress level (per my husband, as this increased his).

Here is another angle from upstairs. Notice the supplies are still on the floor..

Here is a full shot again:

What do ya think? Thanks for stopping by!


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