Iliana’s Quinceanera

Last week I had the incredible privilege of attending my niece Iliana’s sweet 15 in Sylmar California. The whole Juarez clan squeezed into the mini van for the 12 hour road trip. All in all, the girls were real troopers.
The long trip was well worth it! We had so much fun seeing our extended family!

Here is Iliana with my parents:

The reception place it was held at was very elegant. The food was amazing!

My mom and her sister Tia Petra

The best part…. seeing my niece and brother happy after the unimagineable heartache their family has endured in the past year…

Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your special day!


Fall Touches + Placemat Pillow


Hello and Happy Tuesday to you! Today I am going to show you some Fall touches I have spread through a few rooms in the house as well as a pillow I made out of a placemat!

Here is our formal living room.

I went crazy buying little pumpkins, decorative and real, this year. Here I just threw them on an existing vessel I had and littered the table with artificial leaves to add to the ambiance. As an after thought I added my little green owl that is visible on the first picture.

Here is a close-up of the placemat pillow. I bought the placemat at JoAnn’s for $3.00 and stuffed it with batten. I saw this idea on House of Hepworth’s and have been wanting to do it for so long! For the tutorial, check it out here.

I was bummed because the color faded after I washed it….

Here is a table  we have in the formal room as well. The table was hand carved in Mexico and was a gift from my parents. Real Mahogany- to die for! It has a matching mirror to hang above it that someday I will use.

On my kitchen windowsill, I added this gold long metal plant holder that I painted black and stuffed it with plastic bags and then added the pumpkins and gourds.

Here is a closer look

I have had tons of fun decorating for Fall and Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by!


Spooky Front Door/Porch

This is our front door. Some of you might recognize this wreath. For those that don’t remember, refresh your beautiful memory here. All I did was spray paint it black.

The candy corn wreath in the center is one I made last year.

I added dollar store spiders all over the door and attached them with putty. If you set your gaze on the lower portion of the picture, you will notice Ellie’s Barbie’s sitting all along the bottom of the door!

This is how the candy corn wreath and Halloween was displayed last year:


                                   Here is a close up of the double wreath.

                                 Our porch in progress….

                            Our front bench with pumpkins and leaves on a tray.

I am far from finished… just thought I would take a few free minutes to share. I will share more as we finish it up.

Thanks for stopping by!


Spooky Display

For Haloween, I wanted to do a black and white scheme. I had seen it on other blogs and fell in love. Not a big surprise since black, white, and red are my favorite colors since forever! Ilove the contrast with the railing.

Let me break it down for you:

Super creepy (cute) printable from Less Cake More Frosting. You can print your own sign here.

The candle holders are adorned with little pumpkins I painted white.

Those of you that attended Brianna’s Quinceañera this past May will recognize this little tree. For the party, they were the centerpieces adorned with diamonds. And now, recycled into a “haunted” tree. Fabric ghosts made with scrap pieces and cotton balls! How cute!

                     Our “Spooky”sign and fun ghost with a creepy spider.

My favorite piece is this white pumpkin topiary. Brianna says I should add some black designs or words but I like them plain.

                       Our final touch, the mirror covered in spider web.

                                   Here it is in all it’s glory one more time.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Coming soon is the outdoor decor.


Ellie’s Art Table

I have this IKEA side table Ellie loves to use as a dining table with her dollies.

I wanted to “pretty” it up alittle so I painted it white.

If you remember from the playroom post, this room is not very big and is always cluttered with naked barbies and play food. The table was too bulky to find a place for it that wouldn’t be in the way.

Lightbulb moment! Why not slice that puppy in half and attach it to the wall!

What did I tell you about the barbies?! Ellie loves to use it as a garage for her house.. Thanks to my hubby who figured out how to attach them to the wall.

Thanks for noticing the cute little chair! A friend and I were walking through the neighborhood when we noticed the little chair in the trash can. So excited to see it in great condition! I gave it a few coats of paint and upholstered the seat with left over fabric from Brianna’s chair.

This is the before:                                   And after:

Ellie loves to paint and draw at her little table. Thanks for stopping by!