Ellie’s Art Table

I have this IKEA side table Ellie loves to use as a dining table with her dollies.

I wanted to “pretty” it up alittle so I painted it white.

If you remember from the playroom post, this room is not very big and is always cluttered with naked barbies and play food. The table was too bulky to find a place for it that wouldn’t be in the way.

Lightbulb moment! Why not slice that puppy in half and attach it to the wall!

What did I tell you about the barbies?! Ellie loves to use it as a garage for her house.. Thanks to my hubby who figured out how to attach them to the wall.

Thanks for noticing the cute little chair! A friend and I were walking through the neighborhood when we noticed the little chair in the trash can. So excited to see it in great condition! I gave it a few coats of paint and upholstered the seat with left over fabric from Brianna’s chair.

This is the before:                                   And after:

Ellie loves to paint and draw at her little table. Thanks for stopping by!



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