Spooky Display

For Haloween, I wanted to do a black and white scheme. I had seen it on other blogs and fell in love. Not a big surprise since black, white, and red are my favorite colors since forever! Ilove the contrast with the railing.

Let me break it down for you:

Super creepy (cute) printable from Less Cake More Frosting. You can print your own sign here.

The candle holders are adorned with little pumpkins I painted white.

Those of you that attended Brianna’s Quinceañera this past May will recognize this little tree. For the party, they were the centerpieces adorned with diamonds. And now, recycled into a “haunted” tree. Fabric ghosts made with scrap pieces and cotton balls! How cute!

                     Our “Spooky”sign and fun ghost with a creepy spider.

My favorite piece is this white pumpkin topiary. Brianna says I should add some black designs or words but I like them plain.

                       Our final touch, the mirror covered in spider web.

                                   Here it is in all it’s glory one more time.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Coming soon is the outdoor decor.



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