Ellie’s Birthday Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Ellie’s 4th birthday (six weeks early). As many know, her REAL birthday is December 31st. Because of this, we have taken the liberty to celebrate whenever the mood strikes. For example, she has had two birthday celebrations in the month of June (1/2 birthday) and now in November because her oldest sister, Stephanie, is just about done with cosmetology school and we wanted to take advantage of the family discount.

The little girls were treated to a little pampering including a manicure, hair-style, and make-up. They had a blast!

Here is the birthday girl during the makeover from her sister! And after!

Here is the queen with her royal court:

Afterwards, we went back to the house for pizza and cake. This is her little dessert table I set up.

Here are close-up shots. The tissue paper poms I looked up in youtube.

Excuse the blurry picture- below are marshmallow and cake pops.

The definite show stopper-the cake I baked and decorated.

To finish it off, cupcakes and cookies! The E is actually white and  I bought the fabric just for the backdrop. Bri already wants pillows…


Here is a closer look at the complete table.

Most importantly, Ellie had a blast, and so did we, looking at her eyes shining with excitement! Of course, she will have a little celebration on her REAL birthday too!

Thank you for stopping by!


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