SNAP Conference

Hello all! I FINALLY was able to add pictures to the computer and add to the blog! Yay! This is the biggest reason for my absence.
This past week I had the privilege of attending SNAP! Conference here at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT. I bought the tickets last year and thought it would never come. And now it’s gone. I went with my friend Carol. Check out other posts about 2013 SNAP Conference Recap & Linky
This was my first experience attending this type of conference, and let me tell you, I felt so welcomed and intimidated at the same time. I was “star-struck” to meet other bloggers that I follow. The conference was held Thursday-Saturday and I had to miss Friday. I was so mad because it was the night for the Queen Bee Market, which I was looking forward to. The woes of parenthood, my little Ellie passed on her stomach flu to me. Thankfully, it was only 24 hours unlike Ellie’s for 3 days.
I will share my pics and I will have Carol share hers on another post.


We were greeted with a bag filled with swag! It was awesome! And then we had a chance to obtain more information about the sponsors and their products.

At the welcome dinner, we had a great key note speaker and yummy food. The ambiance was energizing!


Lucky for us, it is time for their annual Tulip Festival on the grounds and we received a free ticket to tour the gardens. Amazing..


My most favorite classes were the Parties That Wow and


Poppy Seed Projects


(Yes, I did this!)


I cannot thank the organizers enough! It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go again next year!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Like I said, I was hit and miss since it was local. I will ask Carol to add her pictures as she is such a great photographer and hers are way better than mine anyways.

Thanks for stopping by!


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