Puerto Peñasco Sonora, Mexico

We had not been on a “tropical” vacation since we went to Cabo San Lucas in 2009. We were so anxious to go to the beach! Since we could not afford six airplane tickets, I went on the hunt for a beach that was close enough to drive to and not in California. The beaches are too cold there.
It was decided to go to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. It is an hour drive from the Arizona- Mexico border and 10 hour drive to Arizona from Utah. Luckily, I have family in Arizona so we were able to break it up into two chunks.
We stayed in a 3 bedroom home right on the beach. The resort is called Las Palmas and it had a beautiful swimming pool with a couple of water slides.

mx-38  mx-39 mx-37 mx-22

The house had a beautiful view from the living room and the master bedroom towards the ocean!

mx-33  mx-30  mx-36 mx-34

Except for a bit of a mishap with the refrigerator, the stay was very comfortable! It was so nice to eat all our meals on the porch people watching and looking at all the vendors that came by to sell their items.

We went out on the town a few times to wander and do a little shopping. We went to an area called Old Port. There were little shops and restaurants crowded onto a few city blocks. We even stopped in at a Thrifty Ice Cream shop! It was my favorite ice cream growing up and I was surprised it was going strong in Mexico.

mx-26  mx-24  mx-23  mx-9

Needles to say, I fell in love with all the beautiful ceramics! There just wasn’t enough room to bring back everything I wanted.. While there, we ate at a restaurant that is at the highest point and overlooks the ocean. The view was breathtaking!

mx-28  mx-29

We made smores on the last night we were there.

mx-31 mx-42

We are anxious to go back… Until next time….


Thank you to my cousins for their hospitality! We had a blast reminiscing!

mx-46 mx-45 AZ

Thank you for stopping by!


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