Stephanie and Jose’s Wedding

So 3 months later…. My, how time flies, regardless of what you are up to! I can’t believe these guys have been married for this long already and I am just barely writing about it.

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It was such a beautiful day and I still get a bit teary eyed when I see these pics! I will do a follow up on the decor for the reception so stay tuned.


DIY Felt Mistletoe Garland Tutorial

So a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at some Christmas decorations. I stumbled upon this beauty at Crate and Barrel


The garland is originally $24.95 and I thought to myself I could totally make this garland for cheaper. So I did. Here is how I did. I studied the picture below and ended up with what I thought was a pretty good sketch of the shape. Ill try to make a pdf of my sketch and see if I can add it.


DSC_0039 (2)

You will need

at least 4 pieces of felt (depends on how long you want to make it. I used 6 pieces and made if over 6 ft long) and 1 piece of green felt for leaves

Scissors- I had both regular fabric and embroidery on hand, but if you don’t have embroidery that is fine

White Thread

Red Pom Poms

Fabric Glue or Glue Gun, I used fabric glue.

First cut the mistletoe pieces. I used the same shape for each one but flipped it every other one so the looks different. Then piece them together



I inserted pins horizontally so I didn’t have to stop and pin more later while I ran it through my sewing machine.


Now in order to get this through the machine you want to make sure you are going with the layers not against, otherwise it will bunch.

Once its all sewn together you can cut leaves and glue pom poms

DSC_0050 DSC_0049

For hanging on my mantle I just hung it over the hook and it is hanging on their just fine. You could glue ribbon to the back to hang it as well.



Total cost for my garland was $3 bucks

$2 dollars on felt

.60 cents on poms

Everything else I had on hand.

This garland was so much fun to make and really easy.