For her gift ideas (Valentine’s/Birthday)

Like I mentioned previously, my husband’s birthday is the week before Valentine’s and mine is a week and a half after. We kind of combine gifts, just depends on if we are saving for something bigger that we both want. Onto what I think would make some awesome gift.

Harmony, is this awesome little store in Provo, Utah. They have fabric and all sorts of vintage goodness. Definitely worth a visit, if you are in the area.Darlybird one of the co-owners has a website for those who aren’t local.  Speaking of fabric, Sarah Jane Studios just released her Wee Wander Fabric, it is insanely cute. I especially love the Twilight collection.  For any fabric lover this collection I believe is a must have. I plan to make some cute gifts for friends. I do some graphic design on the side and would love this computer. This might have to wait and become a Valentines, birthday and Christmas gift all in one. I spotted this necklace the other day at Fred Meyer jewelry and typically I don’t care for jewelry, I wear earrings and sometimes necklaces, but this necklace definitely changed my mind about that sometimes rule. I love almost everything Anthropolgie (almost meaning, I’m not a fan of the cost), but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a gift card or something. Have you heard of Nicoles Classes. They have all sorts of online classes that I am wanting to take. I hoping my husband gets the hints I’ve been dropping about letting me sign up for a class or two. Check out what they have, I am most interested in their photography and Designing for Web class.

for her gift list


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