Ellie’s Bedroom Reno (again)

Greetings from wet and cold Utah!  So ready for 70 degree weather… Enough grumbling.. so when our oldest daughter, Stephanie, moved out last year there was a shift in bedrooms. Ellie and Madison parted ways. Ellie stayed and Madi moved to Stephanie’s room. Now each girl has their own bedroom. We tried to talk Brianna into trading her small room for Ellie’s bigger room but she wanted to stay. Something about her closet being bigger. Oh well!

You may remember the original transformation of this room a few years back. This is what it used to look like:

20120427-172802.jpg 20120427-174406.jpg


You get the idea. For the original post, click here. I knew there was no way my husband would go with my idea to paint the room so I worked around the blue wall color.

Now for the big reveal:

ellierm15 ellierm14 ellierm13

I’m really pleased with how it is coming together. There are still more I would like to add. I changed her white board for a chalkboard and put  a “real” frame around it. We added a full bed but I am still on the fence about the headboard.

ellierm2  ellierm9  ellierm10


The owl artwork I originally hung it in Brianna’s room. The frame was black and I painted it white to match the softer colors. Isn’t that the cutest Owl pillow cover?! I found it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! I want to add more pillows to her bed someday.

ellierm1 ellierm11

Her curtains were the inspiration for the rest of the room. We found them at Hobby Lobby and she would not set them down. They are a duck canvas called Sit’n in a Tree. I used my 40% off coupon which made them more affordable than buying ready made curtains. I used the same technique for no-sew curtains that I have used many times. You can find the tutorial here.

ellierm6 ellierm4 ellierm8 ellierm7

I am so in love with her tree! My daughter Susie and I tackled it in a couple of hours. I borrowed the projector from a friend and traced it on the wall. I used the image I found on Pinterest. I know we have birdies instead of owls but they were just too cute to leave out! Ellie wanted to help out in her own special way so I let her draw whatever she wanted on her tree. She drew her sister Susie as Rapunzel. Love!

ellierm12  ellierm

I found this adorable ottoman at Sam’s Club for $14.99! She loves to use it as a table when she plays in her kitchen. Speaking of her kitchen, look at the cute owl rug I found at Target in their Dollar bins! I had loads of fun redoing this room. Now, if we can get her to stay in her bed….

Next stop, Brianna’s room!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Norma xoxoxoxo




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