Metal Thrift Store Chairs

Hello all! In this month that I have been absent from writing, I have been busy busting out lots of projects! I got laid off,  therefore it opened up “free” time to knock out my to-do list. I love the help I am receiving from my little Ellie. She is starting Kindergarten in the Fall so this is my opportunity to spend some much needed girl time.

I don’t know about you but the biggest headache for me when we are hosting a party is having enough seating. I end up bugging friends for their chairs. They are pretty pricey to buy as well. I came across SIX of these metal chairs at our local DI (Deseret Industries) Thrift store. I was so excited for the price too. They were $5.00 each and I took them all.

First thing we needed to do was give them a good cleaning:


I was going to spray paint them all the same color but it seemed too boring. I had each of my girls choose a color for “their” chair and this is what we ended up with:


I know, “taste the rainbow” kind of a moment. I really like how they turned out. As I was going through the pictures, I found this one Ellie had taken:


I call it my action shot! I simply used spray paint for metal in the colors we chose.

Thanks for stopping by!

Norma xoxoxoxoxo