Refreshing the Ol’ Canopy

The canopy area in the backyard is where we like to hang out on warm summer evenings. I felt that it needed a bit sprucing up. We have had this bad boy for 2 years now. The fabric part really needs to be replaced. You will probably spot a few areas patched up with duct tape. I pick my battles people!

Here are some pictures when we first bought it in 2012(original post here):

Gazebo Gazebo1

This is the present:

DSCN1953 DSCN1954

I moved the rug I had in the home office to the outside. I like how it looks in this space. Furniture wise, nothing. I am hoping to replace the cushions soon.

DSCN1955 DSCN1958

The biggest change has been the addition of the drop cloth curtains. It is nice to use the space at any time of the day. Ellie loves to close all sides and use that space as her “house”.

If you have been with me for some time, you must know that I will take short cuts anywhere I can. On that note, let me show you how I attached the drapes:

DSCN1956If you squint, you can see I used safety pins to hold them. I simply looped them over the bar and safety pinned them to the length I wanted. Works perfectly!

Something else I am pretty proud of is the chandelier. I found this at the local thrift store for $10.00.

DSCN1925It looked like someone else had tried to give it a new look but never finished. I had to prime first with metal primer and then sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze.

DSCN1964The finishing touch was the addition of some bling I bought at Hobby Lobby. I still need/want to add a few more strands.

Here it is in IMAX theatre style!


Do you like? If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by,

Norma xoxoxoxo



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