Playroom to Bedroom (again)

We have a spare room downstairs, right off the kitchen, that was originally the home office. Since we moved the office to the dining room, it has been a multi-purpose room. After Ellie’s playroom, it became a bedroom for my mother-in-law. When she left, it was a gym. She is visiting again therefore it is her room now. Before she came, we wanted to spruce up the place. The carpet was so gross and it needed a fresh coat of paint.

Here is the before before:

playroom9 playroom3

Here it is during:

DSCN2394 DSCN2391 DSCN2390

And the after:

DSCN2442 DSCN2441 DSCN2448 DSCN2447 DSCN2446 DSCN2444

We loved it so much we are going to use the soft gray throughout the main floor. It is called Pebbled Grey from Glidden. I get it at Wal-Mart with the primer included for $25.00 a gallon. We bought the laminate flooring from Home Depot for 0.99 sq/ft. The brand is Traffic Master and the color is Saratoga Hickory.

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Our New Addition

Our beautiful grandson was born on July 10, 2014! My daughter, Stephanie, had to be induced at 37 weeks and it was a long day at the hospital. He was only 4 lbs. and 17 inches. So glad we bought him some onesies in preemie size!

20140710_214513                                DSCN2424 DSCN2422One of my favorite shots, as father holds his son for the first time. Pure magic! My little Ellie’s reaction is priceless as she meets her nephew for the first time.

20140712_212151 20140710_220216

Lucky for me, they stayed with me for about a week while she recovered and they got the hang of it. He has not been put down very often as all of his aunts fight over him!

20140712_121319 20140711_211827 20140719_120008

We are all so in love with this little guy and so blessed he chose us as his family!

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Celebrating America in Utah

(The following post was originally posted on last week)

Hey all! I hope your 4th of July celebration was wonderful! Ours sure was. We started the day by sleeping in and ended it with watching fireworks with family and friends. In between, we celebrated my nephew William’s 12th birthday! On the bummer side, my other nephew, Brandon, had his appendix removed so he missed out on the fun.

Here, we do things a little bit different in the month of July. Our celebrations on the 4th are just the beginning. On the 24th of July we celebrate the trek of the Pioneers across the plains to reach Utah. There are parades, days off, and fireworks. Therefore, the patriotic theme stays put the entire month. In other words, I am justifying the delayed project I am going to show you today.

My front door wreath:


I found this idea on Pinterest and  thought it would be cute and super easy to do. It was.

I got the letter at Hobby Lobby for 60% off! Score! I painted the entire letter white and then used painters tape to mark off the red stripes and the blue on the top. No measuring = abstract art. I’m ok with that. It looked like a candy cane or a Christmas stocking until the stars and the blue were added. Phew….. Of course, I messed up on the stripes but instead of fixing it, I decided I liked whatever it was so it stayed.

DSCN2369 DSCN2370

A closer look:


Here are pics of the display table I did inside (with close-ups):

DSCN2372 DSCN2380 DSCN2374 DSCN2375DSCN2376

BTW- the red roses are from my garden! Aren’t they beautiful?

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Vacation in Sunny Mexico 2014

I’m pretty sure the title alone is all you’ll need to imagine the fun and relaxation we experienced while in Mexico. I’ll give you a minute to let it soak in…. I know, right?

We experienced Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) for the first time last summer. You can read about it here. It is in the state of Sonora, Mexico four hours from Phoenix, Arizona. The best part is we can drive there. We are fortunate to have family in Phoenix so we like to stop there and enjoy spending time with them as well as take a break from the drive. Also, the next morning it doesn’t seem as hard to be in the car so long.

Last year we rented a house right on the beach and this year we went to a different resort. We stayed at Las Palmas Beach & Golf Resort. It was amazing!!

DSCN2337 DSCN2325 DSCN2323 DSCN2322

Our “apartment” had two bedrooms and all the commodities of home. We were able to save tons of money by cooking ourselves. Our room overlooked the pools and the beach. It had six pools! My kids were out there as soon as it opened and only took breaks for lunch and dinner. The ocean was so warm too.

We took a day to go exploring (shopping) and ride 4-wheelers:

20140624_122721 20140627_113331

We went out to the pier as well and it is popping on the weekends!

20140628_194631 20140628_19461620140628_193824

Who else remembers eating Thrifty ice cream in their childhood?

pool pool2 pool1 beach6 beach5 beach

While there, my husband and I celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary! What? I am one lucky woman!

We highly recommend visiting Puerto Peñasco on your next vacation. The city is quiet and you feel safe all hours of the day.

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