Our New Addition

Our beautiful grandson was born on July 10, 2014! My daughter, Stephanie, had to be induced at 37 weeks and it was a long day at the hospital. He was only 4 lbs. and 17 inches. So glad we bought him some onesies in preemie size!

20140710_214513                                DSCN2424 DSCN2422One of my favorite shots, as father holds his son for the first time. Pure magic! My little Ellie’s reaction is priceless as she meets her nephew for the first time.

20140712_212151 20140710_220216

Lucky for me, they stayed with me for about a week while she recovered and they got the hang of it. He has not been put down very often as all of his aunts fight over him!

20140712_121319 20140711_211827 20140719_120008

We are all so in love with this little guy and so blessed he chose us as his family!

Thanks for stopping by,

Norma xoxoxoxo


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