Kiwi Crate

Now that the cool Fall weather is upon us, comes the big challenge to keep a five year old engaged when she cannot go outside and doesn’t want to play with her toys. I was stumped until I read about a great company called Kiwi Crate. They send out a box monthly with entertaining and learning activities. Each box is filled with activities based on a specific theme. For example, this month’s box was about Dinosaurs. The day the kit arrived, she had her bestie, Ella, over to play.






Some of the activities were a dinosaur visor, dinosaur “feet”, clay to form fossils, make your own dinosaur skeletons, etc. They had so much fun! There are way more things to do with each kit. The cool thing is that the boxes can be used to store the activities afterwards!

Right now, you receive $10 off your first kit if you want to check it out. You can cancel at any time. Just click on this link to receive your discount and order your kit. They offer a wonderful referral program where your friends receive $10 off their first kit and you also receive a $10 credit. Not bad!

Let me know if you decide to test it out and how you like it!

Until next time,






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