Spring Decor

With March being a super busy month, with a birthday every week and all, Spring décor is pretty simple. I am such a recycler so forgive me if you recognize way too many things from last year…

Here is my tablescape:

Spring 20147

I told ya, simple. My kids favorite, I fill up a vase with pastel M&M’s and another with jelly beans. As you can imagine, my egg tree is hanging quite sadly as the jelly beans have been devoured. Yes, I did re-use the vases from my daughter’s wedding.

Spring 20145 Spring 20144 Spring 20143

The table runner I bought from my favorite online store, Pick Your Plum. If you have not tried them out yet, please do. They send me a daily e-mail with the specials for the day and I promise they are some super good deals. I have gotten quite a bit of items from them.

I just hung an egg from the front door but I plan to do more as soon as I find the “one”. Ladies, you know what I mean..

Spring 20141  Spring 2014

Thanks again for stopping by. I have some posts coming up this week that I am super excited about!

Until next time,

Norma xoxoxoxo



I have been so excited this summer because our hydrangeas bloomed!! They don’t bloom every year so it is always a sweet surprise when they do.

                                                Aren’t they pretty?

I love pansies and petunias because they are a hardy bunch and they grow like crazy! Here are some pix of my front yard:


And really bad closeups of my window boxes…


    What are your favorite flowers to decorate your outside with?

Easter/Spring Decor

Hello Spring! Yay! So here is my Easter/Spring decor on the entry table.

Here are some close ups:

  No your eyes are not messing with you, these are m&m’s in the cylinder holding up the egg tree. And as you can see, my family has helped themselves to the point that the tree is leaning onto the wall for support! Time to make another trip to Sam’s…