Halloween 2012

Halloween has come and gone…again. Too fast… So Ellie was going to be a fairy and at the last second opted for a ballerina.

But then, her big sister Brianna who was dressed as a clown, decided to have some fun with make-up.

And ended up with this cute face….

I like to “dress up” my front porch and bring the inside out. I brought Frankie Jr. blow up as well as the entry table with the spooky decor.

My lame attempt of a  witche’s brew…

My Madison’s costume was that of a high powered attorney.

I have to add the pic of our pumpkins that Ellie took.

My niece, Emily, and Ellie were twinners!

Halloween was great here in utah as the weather was nice and warm. I hope you all had a great Halloween too!

Thanks for visiting!


Spooky Front Door/Porch

This is our front door. Some of you might recognize this wreath. For those that don’t remember, refresh your beautiful memory here. All I did was spray paint it black.

The candy corn wreath in the center is one I made last year.

I added dollar store spiders all over the door and attached them with putty. If you set your gaze on the lower portion of the picture, you will notice Ellie’s Barbie’s sitting all along the bottom of the door!

This is how the candy corn wreath and Halloween was displayed last year:


                                   Here is a close up of the double wreath.

                                 Our porch in progress….

                            Our front bench with pumpkins and leaves on a tray.

I am far from finished… just thought I would take a few free minutes to share. I will share more as we finish it up.

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