Stephanie and Jose’s Wedding

So 3 months later…. My, how time flies, regardless of what you are up to! I can’t believe these guys have been married for this long already and I am just barely writing about it.

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It was such a beautiful day and I still get a bit teary eyed when I see these pics! I will do a follow up on the decor for the reception so stay tuned.


My Daughter’s Bridal Shower

Really? I don’t feel old enough to have our eldest daughter get married… then again, she is only 19. How time flies when you’re having fun! We were informed by the couple to be that they moved the wedding date from summer 2014 to 6 weeks. What??!!!! I believe I have aged a lot faster since the news… This was 4 weeks ago. Yup, that leaves me with 2 weeks to get myself organized.

Anyways, I didn’t have many weekends available to throw my daughter a shower due to the Festival Latinoamericano that I was involved in (I wrote about it here last year)  and the timing was crazy. Thanks to my friend Carol (yes, that Carol, the one who contributes to my blog) we were able to pull it off in a short amount of time. I honestly would not have been able to do it without her!

Noni shower8 Noni shower7 Noni shower6

We did it in our backyard, hoping that the weather would cooperate. It held off for a number of hours so we were able to enjoy being outside. The beautiful arch greeted guests as gifts were dropped off on a bench and little table. Carol made the banner and we used a sheet to pin up on the trampoline for a much nicer backdrop. Guests were encouraged to leave little notes of advise for the young couple. Carol cut out wedding gowns on her Silhouette and blinged out their initials with diamond roll.

Noni shower2 Noni shower3 Noni shower Noni shower4

These were a few of the pre-party pix of the food and beverage tables. That little plaque is mine I bought a few years ago because this describes our marriage, which I am grateful  for everyday.

Noni shower10 Noni shower11 Noni shower15

I rented the tables, chairs, and this huge tent for the event. It was wonderful to have some shade from the heat! Mercury and white were used as centerpieces to match with the purple and turquoise the bride and groom chose as their colors. Yup, you guessed it, Carol made the cake. It was super delicious!

Noni shower12 Noni shower13Noni shower14

Felt so blessed to be able to share the day with friends and family! In the first picture, are my long time friends Marlene and Wendy. We were all together at each of our bridal showers and now we are together again for our daughters.. The second picture is Stephanie hanging out with all her long time friends. And third, these beautiful ladies that I am proud to call family and friends.

Noni shower21 Noni shower19