Wide Eyed Turkey Cupcakes

Here is another cute project I found and  it’s called a wide-eyed turkey. I grabbed this one on Bitz & Giggles’ website and Ellie begged me to make them. How could I resist.

Those wide big eyes remind me of my grandbaby! Once again, super easy to make and Ellie really enjoyed creating her own.
Gather your materials:
 * Cupcakes (homemade or bought)
*Chocolate Frosting
 *Fudge striped cookie (Dollar store)
 *Oreo Cookies (Dollar Store)
*Brown M&M’s or chocolate chips (Dollar Store)
*Red Licorice (Dollar Store)
*Candy Corn (leftover from Halloween)
Now to the fun part, putting it all together:
Carefully pull the Oreos apart keeping the sides with the crème filling and eating the other. Add the brown M&M’s to make the eyes. You can enforce them with frosting but Ellie said they were holding just fine.
 Frost your cupcake:

Add frosting to the top half of the fudge striped cookie.

Arrange the candy corn as the feathers.

Cut a slit into the cupcake just large enough to slide the cookie in.

Add your eyes, candy corn beak and licorice to finish it off.

Look at how sweet they look in a grouping! We ran out of brown so Ellie used the blue M&M’s!

Thank you for hanging in as I know this is a long post! I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones. Be sure to let me know if you try any of these projects. I would love to see them.
Until next time,

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat

 Hey all! Happy Sunday, just a few days from the official start of Holiday fun! We will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year.  I was in search of cute little crafts to entertain the kiddos. I found this fun idea on Lil Luna and thought it would be perfect. They are little Pilgrim hat crayon holders.

 Here are the items you need to complete your own:
  • Black paper cups ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Black cardstock
  • Ribbon, ric rac
  • Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks
  • Button
  • Small paper square
Step 1: Trace your circle on black cardstock
Step 2: Cut out the bottom of the cup
Step 3: Hot glue your ribbon and/or ric rac.  Then hot glue the cup to the circle.
So fun and easy! Ellie wanted to make her own and here she is showing it off. Of course, I did all the dangerous steps for her (i.e. knife, glue gun, etc.).
Here is another shot of mine. I was also thinking that you can add other fun items such as popcorn, peanuts, candy, chocolate covered pretzels, etc. You will need to add shredded paper in the cup to elevate the crayons. Fun, easy, and inexpensive. All you need to add are the coloring pages and your all set.
 Thank you for hanging in as I know this is a long post! I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones. Be sure to let me know if you try this. I would love to see them.
Until next time,

Fall Touches + Placemat Pillow


Hello and Happy Tuesday to you! Today I am going to show you some Fall touches I have spread through a few rooms in the house as well as a pillow I made out of a placemat!

Here is our formal living room.

I went crazy buying little pumpkins, decorative and real, this year. Here I just threw them on an existing vessel I had and littered the table with artificial leaves to add to the ambiance. As an after thought I added my little green owl that is visible on the first picture.

Here is a close-up of the placemat pillow. I bought the placemat at JoAnn’s for $3.00 and stuffed it with batten. I saw this idea on House of Hepworth’s and have been wanting to do it for so long! For the tutorial, check it out here.

I was bummed because the color faded after I washed it….

Here is a table  we have in the formal room as well. The table was hand carved in Mexico and was a gift from my parents. Real Mahogany- to die for! It has a matching mirror to hang above it that someday I will use.

On my kitchen windowsill, I added this gold long metal plant holder that I painted black and stuffed it with plastic bags and then added the pumpkins and gourds.

Here is a closer look

I have had tons of fun decorating for Fall and Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by!


Fall Entry Table

I have my Fall decor up and I vow to not put anything Halloween inspired decoration up until October 1st.. We shall see how long I can hold out.

As you can see, very simple.

This sweet looking owl I got at a pharmacy in my Dr.’s building for 50% off! I have his partner, the yellow owl, in my bathroom. Love them!

I downloaded the Fall subway sign from a wonderful blog called Howdy Honey.You can download it here.  I printed it out, threw it in an existing frame, and BAM! How cute! And free!!

Now a recap:

Fall is absolutely my favorite season! The trees on the mountains are turning a fiery, yellow and red. I need to buy my cinammon-apple-spicy-pumpkin wax so my house can smell like Fall.

Thanks for stopping by!