Valentine Decor 2014

Happy Wednesday! I am home sick today so I thought I would pop in and share my simple valentine decor in my home.

I made this simple wreath in 10 minutes. It is a wire heart-shaped wreath, two feather boas, and a red felt rose.

Valentine 2014 6   Valentine 2014 7

Here is my tablescape:

Valentine 2014 5

Valentine 2014 4 Valentine 2014 3 Valentine 2014 2

I bought the wreath last year, the red roses at Dollar Tree, little sign above at Hobby Lobby, and Ellie’s 5 year old picture collage.

Valentine 2014 1 Valentine 2014

I bought the felt heart shapes at the Dollar Tree and I decided to use them  as place mats on my dining table. Do you like?

Thanks for stopping by! Please share your wonderful ideas.

         Norma xoxoxo


For her gift ideas (Valentine’s/Birthday)

Like I mentioned previously, my husband’s birthday is the week before Valentine’s and mine is a week and a half after. We kind of combine gifts, just depends on if we are saving for something bigger that we both want. Onto what I think would make some awesome gift.

Harmony, is this awesome little store in Provo, Utah. They have fabric and all sorts of vintage goodness. Definitely worth a visit, if you are in the area.Darlybird one of the co-owners has a website for those who aren’t local.  Speaking of fabric, Sarah Jane Studios just released her Wee Wander Fabric, it is insanely cute. I especially love the Twilight collection.  For any fabric lover this collection I believe is a must have. I plan to make some cute gifts for friends. I do some graphic design on the side and would love this computer. This might have to wait and become a Valentines, birthday and Christmas gift all in one. I spotted this necklace the other day at Fred Meyer jewelry and typically I don’t care for jewelry, I wear earrings and sometimes necklaces, but this necklace definitely changed my mind about that sometimes rule. I love almost everything Anthropolgie (almost meaning, I’m not a fan of the cost), but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a gift card or something. Have you heard of Nicoles Classes. They have all sorts of online classes that I am wanting to take. I hoping my husband gets the hints I’ve been dropping about letting me sign up for a class or two. Check out what they have, I am most interested in their photography and Designing for Web class.

for her gift list

GIft ideas for him (Valentines/Birthday)

My husband’s birthday is exactly one week before Valentines Day, mine is a week and a half after, so we kind of don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Birthday’s trump Valentines Day in our book, but it doesn’t mean we don’t kind of combine the two. This year, I decided to go with an inner geek theme. My husband, is a teacher, he likes to computer program, big Dr. Who and Star Wars fan, and loevs to read. So I created this little mood board to inspire you on some gift ideas that would work for the geek in life.

valentines1, 2, 3, 4

Valentine Table

Hello all! Some of you may be wondering where I have been hiding the last couple of months. I have a new full time job! It has been years since I’ve worked long hours so there has been quite an adjustment for the whole family. My posts will be even more few and far between but I will still keep on crafting when I have the time.
Thanks for sticking with me!
Anywho, here is the table I decorated this year for Valentine’s Day.


Funny story- I could not find any of my decorations from last year!So this my friend is called improvising. The only new thing I purchased was the little hearts and the pink heart.
Val 13-4

The framed artwork I downloaded from The Dating Divas website.
Val 13-3

Everything else was already in the house. The red bird I added to the heart wreath for interest. What do ya think?
Val 13-5
You might remember the straws from Ellie’s Birthday Party!

Anyway, this was my quick ode to Valentine’s!
Val 13-2

Thanks for stopping by!

Valentine Wreath

I have been wanting to do a coffe filter wreath for awhile now. While I was thinking of what valentine decor I wanted to do this year, I decided, since our front door is red, to make a white coffee filter wreath. While browsing around the craft store, I saw the little 6″ styrofoam circles and had a crazy idea: what if instead of making one large wreath I made the symbol for hugs and kisses, the OXO? Since there are no styrofoam letters I bought a block of styrofoam for the X ,2 circles, and ribbon.

I enlarged the letter pinned it to the block, traced, and cut it out.


And then I hot glued the filters on the styrofoam. I found the tutorial here.

Please excuse the awful pictures. I used my phone since we have no working cameras at the moment…

I hot glued the ribbon in the back to attach them and we are done!


I am on working on the lampshade for Brianna’s room at the moment so I will post pix soon. What do ya think?