Our “New” Family Room

Hey all! I am so excited to share our family room! I painted this room when we first moved in almost 10 years ago and have not touched it since. We desperately wanted to remove the carpet and add laminate flooring for the last couple of years but we’ve just never had enough funding. Besides, you know me, I can’t do one thing in a room without completely changing everything else.

Here is a before picture:(In my defense, this is an old picture)


Here is the after:


I know, right? I am just beyond the moon with how the transformation came together. Let’s break it down: the paint is the same I am using throughout, Pebble Gray from Glidden. The baseboards are also the same we used in the Formal, Craftsman. I opted to remove the curtains and add window blinds instead. I believe it has really opened up the room and made it feel larger. We used the same laminate flooring as the Formal as well.

Now the crown jewel for the room, that built in bookcase..

DSCN3217 DSCN3216

We totally cheated by using IKEA Billy bookcases! There are, thankfully, a lot of posts and Pins about how others have done the same and I read all of them, ( ok maybe not all but a lot). My wonderful hubby and Ellie did all the work. We used 4 bookcases as our wall was 15′ long and we left room for our flat screen TV.. We will also need to buy or build a console table… That will be in the future as the budget allows. But for now, we are loving the progress so far.


The bookcases come with bolts to secure them to the wall. We added one long piece of crown molding to give it the look of one piece as well as hide the ugly bolts. My hubby added a piece of MDF to secure the molding between bookcase 2 and 3. We nailed lattice molding to cover the space between the bookcases. We also had to raise them to accommodate the height of baseboards. I wish I would have taken more step-by-step pictures but I didn’t think about it at the moment…

Now as far as styling, I don’t think I will ever be satisfied. All the items I “shopped” in my home. I didn’t realize I had so many but my girls were not at all surprised….:~)


Sorry for the lack of instructions but please let me know if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to answer them.

Until next time,

Norma xoxoxo



Bathroom Renovation Supply List

Hey Guys, sorry its been so long but we finally finished everything. By everything I mean all the little annoying details (like finding the perfect bath rug).

Ok so we bought mostly everything at our local Home Depot Store.


The faucent is the Pfister Ashfield Single Hole Bathroom Vessel FaucetThis guy was not cheap, but he fit the look of what we  were going for in the bathroom. I got it on sale, so I paid $168.00. A little expensive, but worth it.

I can’t find the tutorial I orginally saw this idea on, so I can’t give credit to the right person (I’ll keep looking though) So in her tutorial she had 2 ways the one with mitter cuts and one without. She suggested to use decorative blog ends to avoid having to do those cuts. Awesome idea, right? So that’s what i did. Then I used liquid nails to put each side on. I added frog tape to help keep it stable and to avoid me having to stand there all day too.

The vessel sink is from Lowe’s and was a steal. We got for $70.

The tiles are from Home Depot. The subway tile was $2.56 per 12×12. We needed 12 of these The little decorative tiles were more expensive, but it worked out well with out budget and the look we were going for. They were $7.29 per 12×12 and we needed 7 of these.

The towel rack ( I spray painted it) we got a while back it was in a nickel color. It is actually damaged. I love scouring the Bed Bath and Beyond clearence sections and found this for a whooping $2 dollars. The soap dispenser is new. Its from Target. I got it also on clearence for $7 dollars. The lights we kept. We just spray painted them the bronze color to match. We plan on getting some Edison bulbs soon but those suckers are almost 10 bucks each. So that will have to wait a little (especailly since we need like 6 of them).

DSC_0552 Doesn’t this look awesome. I loved how this changed the look our bathroom. I have more posts coming up in holiday decorations. I love this time of year and all the cute things you can find.

My Daughter’s Bridal Shower

Really? I don’t feel old enough to have our eldest daughter get married… then again, she is only 19. How time flies when you’re having fun! We were informed by the couple to be that they moved the wedding date from summer 2014 to 6 weeks. What??!!!! I believe I have aged a lot faster since the news… This was 4 weeks ago. Yup, that leaves me with 2 weeks to get myself organized.

Anyways, I didn’t have many weekends available to throw my daughter a shower due to the Festival Latinoamericano that I was involved in (I wrote about it here last year)  and the timing was crazy. Thanks to my friend Carol (yes, that Carol, the one who contributes to my blog) we were able to pull it off in a short amount of time. I honestly would not have been able to do it without her!

Noni shower8 Noni shower7 Noni shower6

We did it in our backyard, hoping that the weather would cooperate. It held off for a number of hours so we were able to enjoy being outside. The beautiful arch greeted guests as gifts were dropped off on a bench and little table. Carol made the banner and we used a sheet to pin up on the trampoline for a much nicer backdrop. Guests were encouraged to leave little notes of advise for the young couple. Carol cut out wedding gowns on her Silhouette and blinged out their initials with diamond roll.

Noni shower2 Noni shower3 Noni shower Noni shower4

These were a few of the pre-party pix of the food and beverage tables. That little plaque is mine I bought a few years ago because this describes our marriage, which I am grateful  for everyday.

Noni shower10 Noni shower11 Noni shower15

I rented the tables, chairs, and this huge tent for the event. It was wonderful to have some shade from the heat! Mercury and white were used as centerpieces to match with the purple and turquoise the bride and groom chose as their colors. Yup, you guessed it, Carol made the cake. It was super delicious!

Noni shower12 Noni shower13Noni shower14

Felt so blessed to be able to share the day with friends and family! In the first picture, are my long time friends Marlene and Wendy. We were all together at each of our bridal showers and now we are together again for our daughters.. The second picture is Stephanie hanging out with all her long time friends. And third, these beautiful ladies that I am proud to call family and friends.

Noni shower21 Noni shower19

Finishing Stages and How to Tile 101

Hey Guys its Carol again here to give you the break down of what my husband and I did to our nasty 50’s peach bathroom.
Ill paint you a mental picture… imagine gray laminate flooring not a pretty one just an ugly one (that wasn’t installed right) then imagine a nasty peach toliet that had seen better days. The sink though in good condition just needed to go. To make matters worse the room was painted to match the everything (gross, right?)
Ok so first we started with ripping the flooring out and the nasty peach toliet out. So I wasn’t there for that I actually had to work that weekend so that task was handed to my husband. He had fun with it, I think… He stipped it down to the joists.
Then we ripped out the laminate counters and we pulled out the sink. So with the bathroom all bare we made sure the flooring would hold up to water and moisture (again I wasn’t there for most of that my husband did that part) I did the pretty stuff like the tiling. So the reason you are all here

Tiling 101
* I grew up redoing our house and as a kid my sisters and I had the job of tiling. We even made a pact in one of the rooms we did.*
So we started with the counter completely bare. We sanded it a little to level it out and get rid of any glue still on there.
What you need (remember to measure)

Notched Trowel
Hardibacker (we got 1/2 in) its a ceramic tile backboard
Backer-on screws for Hardibacks
the tile spacers
Seam tape (if you are going to connect different sheets of the hardibacker this stuff is important)
Tile (obviously) We did almost colored subway tile
Sponges                                                                                                                                                      Score knife to cut the tile to size (we found ours in the tile section in Home Depot)                                                                                                                                                    Rubber Grout Float

Remember to wear safety gear.

Layout the hardibacker on the surface you are doing. You want to use thinset (it needs to be like toothpaste) to sandwhich your hardbacker to the surface. Remeber to read the instructions of how long you need to mix and let it sit out. Also be safe.

You dont want the stuff to ooze out but you want enough underneath so that it is secure. Use the hardbacker screws to secure it in. We only needed one sheet (we cut it down to size) with the scoring knife and then used the seam tape and some thinset to connect them.

We had to make holes for the plumbing. You dont want to breath this stuff in. For the round holes we drilled five holes. One for each corner and one in the middle to help. We used the jigsaw to help cut it out.


If you are connecting different sections of hardibacker let the thinset dry for at 6-8 hours. I did mine in the morning and then went to work.
Now for the fun part, once its try you will start laying out the tile. We mapped ours out to figure out how much tile we would need.


Look at how pretty it is. Once you’ve got it all layed out. You need to mix some thinset. This part is MESSY. Again you dont want the stuff to leak out when you lay the tile down. Imagine the sandwhich again, you dont want jelly everywhere. Following the instructions on the thinset, some have pictures which is super helpful.Using your notch trowel you will lay some out not too much because laying tile isnt a fast task. I spread my out evenly then at a 45 degree angle (imagine spreading the peanut butter on your bread) this will help the tile stick better. Let this dry overnight.

Now that the tile has set you are ready to grout. This is the messy/pretty/ fun part.  My husband and I went back and forth choosing a grout color. There are a lot of options  my friends. We went with a non-sanded grout since the gaps between each tile was small. Mix according to instuctions.  Now using your rubber grout float you with scoop it out and smear it between the tiles


Let it dry for a little (our box said 20 minutes) Using the sponge and a bucket of water you are going to clean the tiles.


You want the sponge to be damp but not to soaking wet. The more wet it is the more likely that once it dries it will crack. We dont want that. Once you are done it should look like this DSC_0560It should look clean. Obviously I am not done in the picture above but see how much better it looks. Keep going until you are done with the entire surface you are working on. For surfaces like this I like to seal it, but more on that later.

Here is what our bathroom now looks like


Ill talk more about sealing the tile, how we budgeted, source list and the framing of the mirror (that was an adventure)

Ellie’s Birthday Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Ellie’s 4th birthday (six weeks early). As many know, her REAL birthday is December 31st. Because of this, we have taken the liberty to celebrate whenever the mood strikes. For example, she has had two birthday celebrations in the month of June (1/2 birthday) and now in November because her oldest sister, Stephanie, is just about done with cosmetology school and we wanted to take advantage of the family discount.

The little girls were treated to a little pampering including a manicure, hair-style, and make-up. They had a blast!

Here is the birthday girl during the makeover from her sister! And after!

Here is the queen with her royal court:

Afterwards, we went back to the house for pizza and cake. This is her little dessert table I set up.

Here are close-up shots. The tissue paper poms I looked up in youtube.

Excuse the blurry picture- below are marshmallow and cake pops.

The definite show stopper-the cake I baked and decorated.

To finish it off, cupcakes and cookies! The E is actually white and  I bought the fabric just for the backdrop. Bri already wants pillows…


Here is a closer look at the complete table.

Most importantly, Ellie had a blast, and so did we, looking at her eyes shining with excitement! Of course, she will have a little celebration on her REAL birthday too!

Thank you for stopping by!

Spooky Display

For Haloween, I wanted to do a black and white scheme. I had seen it on other blogs and fell in love. Not a big surprise since black, white, and red are my favorite colors since forever! Ilove the contrast with the railing.

Let me break it down for you:

Super creepy (cute) printable from Less Cake More Frosting. You can print your own sign here.

The candle holders are adorned with little pumpkins I painted white.

Those of you that attended Brianna’s Quinceañera this past May will recognize this little tree. For the party, they were the centerpieces adorned with diamonds. And now, recycled into a “haunted” tree. Fabric ghosts made with scrap pieces and cotton balls! How cute!

                     Our “Spooky”sign and fun ghost with a creepy spider.

My favorite piece is this white pumpkin topiary. Brianna says I should add some black designs or words but I like them plain.

                       Our final touch, the mirror covered in spider web.

                                   Here it is in all it’s glory one more time.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Coming soon is the outdoor decor.